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Merlin : Last Ever Episode.

So, my heart is really breaking. Tonight will be the last ever episode of Merlin, it's weird but Merlin has actually been a HUGE part of my life since 1x01 in 2008, and i don't mean in just fandom terms (though Merlin/Arthur really were one of my truest OTPs) but just generally my life. In 2008, i was a TOTALLY different person to who i am today in every respect, physical, mental and emotional. And, i dunno, Merlin has always been there while i changed, and the years passed. And that's kinda important to me.

But enough mopey nostalgia shit, on with my real-time review to the Merlin season 5 finale!
(Which i have posted on the merlinxarthur comm, and i am happy for anyone to comment or debate on anything i write here, in fact, i welcome it! I miss having Merlin-related squee/chat.)

Review and weeping.Collapse )

friends only.


Glee - Kurt/Blaine - Fanfiction

Fandom: Glee
Rating: G
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Spoilers: None, aside from a minor mention of 3x07
Warnings (if any): Oh Blainers.
Word Count: 1,400
Summary: Kurt's fed up of Blaine and his Katy Perry songs, so he demands Blaine find a new object of musical attention. Maybe not his best idea to date.
Author's Note: Secret Santana gift for jbiebergirlzforev on Tumblr. I am not a Justin Bieber fan, i'm afraid to say i simply cannot get into his music, however my Secret Santa was a massive fan so i decided to make her a Klaine fanvid to a Bieber song, and write this fic. I tried to be balanced in the views of Bieber, Kurt reflecting my own views and Blaine hopefully reflecting the views of jbiebergirlzforev, (but maybe a little less manic.)
(Should also note, my first ever fanfiction, like, in five years. So, yeah.)

“Honey, as much as I love your voice, if you sing one more Katy Perry song I may be forced to stab you in the appendix with my eyeliner pencil."Collapse )


beyond_dapper Wishlist!

Hai thar Secret Santa! Hope i've been varied enough with my wishlist for you! <3

1. Fanfiction – Klaine, either long and descriptive NC-17 (with sub!Kurt) or for lower ratings, angsty/hurt!Kurt and protective!Blaine.

2. Anything homemade Klaine/Chris Colfer related, e.g. bracelets, necklaces, plushies, charms, ETC.

3. Chris Colfer’s autograph.

4. Framed images of Klaine/Chris Colfer. (To display in my newly decorated room!)

5. Any official merchandise related to Kurt, Blaine, the Warblers or the Cheerios.

6. Bowties, scarves, bags – I have much the same taste as Kurt in fashion, (except less expensive), so anything you feel Kurt might wear.

7. Klaine Fanvideos – to anything by Owl City, Frankmusik or The Goo Goo Dolls.

8. Any Glee CDs. (The more Kurt/Klaine songs on it, the better!)

9. Anything Kurt/Chris Colfer related that I have not mentioned.

10. Anything Blaine/Darren Criss related that I have not mentioned.


“People fall in love with a person, not a gender.”

- Darren Criss
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